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Most sizing and simple repair jobs will be completed and returned within three (3) business days. Jobs that require parts or are more complicated may take in excess of one (1) week to complete.

You will be called by The Diamond Setters, Inc. if your job requires more than a normal time to complete, or if the job requires special attention.


Each job sent to The Diamond Setters, Inc. for repair shall be in an envelope, no smaller than a “coin” envelope, but not as a regular letter mailing envelope. Each item sent for repair should be in a separate envelope (a wedding set being the only exception.)

Each envelope should have legibly printed on the face the following information:
1. Name, address and telephone number of shipper.
2. Identification of the item enclosed in the envelope.
3. A job reference number.
4. Directions as clearly as possible as to the repair work to be performed by The Diamond Setters, Inc. For example, if a ring is delivered for sizing and prong repairs, please direct the size desired and the number of prongs to be replaced / repaired.
5. Any special instructions regarding mode of return shipment or desired insurance coverage.


1. All costs of shipping are the responsibility of the customer.
2. It is recommended that all shipments from the customer to The Diamond Setters, Inc. be insured for the appraised value of the item shipped.
3. The Diamond Setters, Inc. will return all items by either UPS or US Postal Service. Where shipped via US Postal Service, insurance up to $25,000 in total value will be provided cost free to the customer. If insurance on the return shipment is desired for more than $25,000, or insurance is desired on UPS return shipments, cost of this insurance will be billed to the customer. Directions as to the return carrier and amount of insurance shall be given by the customer at time of initial shipping to The Diamond Setters, Inc.
4. Shipments via US Postal Service will be with return receipt to insure delivery. Proof of delivery by UPS will be by signature confirmation.
5. Any special instructions for shipping shall be communicated to The Diamond Setters, Inc. at time item is delivered for repairs.


An invoice will be included with each order returned to the customer including the work performed, the cost of the repairs and the cost of shipping and excess insurance. Payment of each invoice is due upon receipt.

At the end of each month, the customer will be sent a statement reflecting all unpaid invoices for the past month. If full payment of the statement balance is not received within twenty (20) days, a one-time late fee of $25.00 will be added thereto, and a FINANCE CHARGE equal to 2.0% per month (Annual Percentage Rate 24%) will be assessed on all unpaid invoices from the date incurred until payment is received. All payments will be applied first to the oldest invoices.


EXCEPT as provided in this Limited Warranty, THE DIAMOND SETTERS, INC. warrants all products it makes and/or sells, and its workmanship on products it repairs for a period of one (1) year from the date of the invoice for the product made, sold or repaired. This includes jewelry pieces worked on for such losses resulting from stones falling out or being loose (if the prong work was done by The Diamond Setters, Inc.), and breakage of parts made or repaired in the area of the jewelry piece on which it worked.

EXCEPT as provided in the next section, The Diamond Setters, Inc. will warrant diamonds against breaking during setting. It will replace diamonds, one point to ¼ ct. broken during setting. Diamonds broken during setting larger than ¼ ct will be re-cut at The Diamond Setters, Inc.’s expense, and the customer will be reimbursed for the loss of weight. HOWEVER, badly included diamonds will not be warranted against breakage at The Diamond Setters, Inc.’s discretion. Customer will be notified for instructions before any work is performed on settings with badly included diamonds.


The Diamond Setters, Inc. will not warrant any of the following:

Gems and Diamonds

1. The Diamond Setters, Inc. does not warrant any diamond or gem stone over 1 ct in size.
2. The Diamond Setters, Inc. will not warrant that a diamond or gemstone, once out of its possession, will not chip, break, scratch or fracture.
The Diamond Setters, Inc. will not warrant against further damage or fracture of diamonds or gemstones received by it in a damaged, fractured, chipped or scratched condition, or has serious imperfections or inclusions. The Diamond Setters, Inc. will notify the customer before any work is performed on said stones/ settings for further instructions.



The Diamond Setters, Inc. does NOT WARRANT any of the following:

1. Any colored stone
2. Any stone being set in used head or setting.
3. Glued items.
4. Enameling.
5. Lead Solders that do not have a special “patch” Support.
6. Gold, Rhodium, or Silver Plating.
7. Loss of any prong set stone that has 3 or less prongs.
8. Loss of any round stone over ½ ct., unless it is set in a six prong gold setting, or a four prong platinum setting.
9. Loss of any prong set stone unless it has the following number of prongs (or unless it is set in platinum)
Cut No of Prongs
Emerald Cut 4
Oval 6
Marquis 6 (End prongs must be “V” prongs)
Pear Shaped 5 (End prongs must be “V” prong)
Heart 5 (End prong must be “V” prong)
Trillion 4 (Must have 4 “V” prongs)

10. Prong set stones that have thin prongs, missing prongs or stones that are crooked, leaving a much shorter prong on one side of the stone than the others.
11. Bead setting where the beads are badly worn, some beads are missing or stones that are set crooked, leaving part of the girdle of the stone to be sticking up beyond the surface of the metal.
12. Channel setting where either the channel is very thin, torn, not straight across the stones OR there is no support underneath the channels to hold them together. Example: No cross wires or support to keep the channel from pulling away leaving the stone to loosen up or fall out.
13. Bezel setting where the bezel is too thin, torn, or the stone is set crooked and not all of the stone is held in by the bezel.


Ring Sizing

1. Ring sizes should be determined only from the retail customer’s finger, not from another ring.
2. The Diamond Setters, Inc. will warrant for thirty (30) days that a ring sized by it will be the represented size. If the size was originally mis-measured by someone other than The Diamond Setters, Inc., this warranty will not apply and a new charge will be made for a subsequent resizing.

Tightening and Checking

1. Tightening Stones: An extra fee will be charged to the customer to check and tighten stones. Unless the extra fee is paid, The Diamond Setters, Inc. provides no warranty whatsoever. If an extra fee is paid, the provision of Section I, II and III of this Limited Warranty will apply.
2. Checking and /or Inspecting: The Diamond Setters, Inc. does not warrant any item it is requested solely to visually check or inspect. It will warrant only an actual repair and only in accordance with its general limited warranty.
3. The Diamond Setters, Inc. offers no warranty of any kind for the loss of a stone when it has not re-tipped or re-pronged all of the prongs in the repair of a setting.